🌍 Introduction

This is a feature-rich Python implementation of QuadKeys, an approach to geographical tiling, popularized by Microsoft to be used for Bing Maps.

In essence, the concept is to recursively divide the flat, two-dimensional world map into squares. Each square contains four squares as children, which again contain four squares and so on, up centimeter-level precision. Each of these squares is uniquely identifiable with a string like 021030032.

For more details on the concept, please refer to the original article.

muety/pyquadkey2 originates from a fork of buckhx/QuadKey, which is not maintained anymore. It build on top of that project and adds:

  • ✅ Several (critical) bug fixes
  • ✅ Python 3 support
  • Type hints for all methods
  • ✅ Higher test coverage
  • ✅ Cython backend for improved performance
  • ✅ 64-bit integer representation of QuadKeys
  • ✅ Additional features and convenience methods

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